Kidmunicate Founder and CEO Talks about the Kidmunicate Franchise Opportunity with Scott Harmon

Scott Harmon of Start a Therapy Practice interviewed Fran Dicari, CEO of Kidmunicate LLC and Kidmunicate Franchising LLC. During the one hour video, Scott explores:

  • How Kidmunicate Pediatric Speech Therapy and Kidmunicate Franchising came to be a family business
  • Fran’s thoughts on how to start a speech therapy business
  • How he grew the Kidmunicate Pediatric Speech Therapy business
  • How he doubled his clients
  • The right way to market to potential clients
  • The importance of measuring and tracking marketing efforts
  • Why Fran decided to franchise his practice
  • What therapists get from the Kidmunicate franchise

The Kidmunication Point

Starting a speech therapy practice is not easy. To succeed, it takes a great reputation as a speech therapist, enthusiasm, energy, capital and business and marketing know-how. The Kidmunicate Franchise opportunity helps speech language pathologists do more of what they love to do and do best, therapy and less of what they don’t, marketing and operations. Fran talks about the history of Kidmunicate and the advantages of partnering with Kidmunicate to open up a private practice.