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Fran Dicari is the CEO and Director of Franchise Sales at Kidmunicate. Fran has a Bachelors of Science Mechanical Engineering from Villanova University and Masters of Business Administration from Columbia University . In 1999, Fran became a partner at Barefoot Advertising. He and his partners evolved the small boutique advertising agency into a large digital / content marketing agency with 150 people. In 2005, Barefoot Advertising was sold to BBDO's Proximity network a subsidiary of Omnicom and became Barefoot Proximity. During his time at Barefoot, Fran became quite versed in digital marketing and branding.
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Kidmunicate Speech Therapy Franchise Process

Details of the Kidmunicate Speech Therapy Franchise Application and Evaluation Process Buying into a franchise is similar to getting married. It's a huge commitment, that can be very rewarding on many levels. Of course, before you would ever get married you would first ask yourself a lot of questions and you would also ask your potential partner

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Kidmunicate Franchise Opportunity – Interview with CEO

Kidmunicate Founder and CEO Talks about the Kidmunicate Franchise Opportunity with Scott Harmon Scott Harmon of Start a Therapy Practice interviewed Fran Dicari, CEO of Kidmunicate LLC and Kidmunicate Franchising LLC. During the one hour video, Scott explores: How Kidmunicate Pediatric Speech Therapy and Kidmunicate Franchising came to be a family business Fran’s thoughts on