Kidmunicate Speech Pathology Franchise details to help you think through the opportunity.

Buying into a franchise is similar to getting married. It’s a huge commitment, that can be very rewarding on many levels. Of course, before you would ever get married you would first ask yourself a lot of questions and you would also ask your potential partner a lot of questions. Together you would decide if you were meant to be together. You need to think about buying into a franchise the same way. You should go into the relationship with the mentality that it is a long term commitment and it is going to take hard work from both sides to make it work.

Here are the Kidmunicate Speech Pathology Franchise Detail you need to think about.

  1. Take time to review this website completely and the consumer facing website, Kidmunicate Pediatric Speech Therapy.
  2. Study the brand promise and opportunity. Does it match your personality, your goals?
  3. Discover the Kidmunicate Advantage.
    • Have you always wanted to open a private practice but were afraid to do it all by yourself?
    • Perhaps you were worried about your ability to develop processes, handle the marketing or deal with the insurance companies.
    • Under the Kidmunicate speech pathology franchise model you will have help with all of these aspects of the business. You will not be alone.
  4. Next you need to understand the financial commitment.
    • Do you have the resources to start and run a company while you wait for sales to grow?
      • The franchise fee is only $10,000.
      • The other costs depend on a lot of factors including the size of a practice you want to develop, the cost to rent office space, labor costs, etc.
      • All of the potential costs and the financial data are outlined the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) available upon request.
  5. You need to understand what you are getting for the franchise fee and ask yourself if you could develop all of this from scratch. This is what you get:
    • A strong and professional brandname that resonates with parents.
    • An operations manual that guides set up and on going operations
      • How to set up your business entity
      • Site selection and set up guidance
      • Initial inventory and supplies recommendations
      • How to establish referrals relationships
      • How to get credentialed by insurance companies to accept insurance
      • Guidance for hiring a staff of independent contractors and full time employees.
      • Day to day procedures including billing and scheduling.
      • All of the forms needed to manage a practice.
    • HIPAA compliant clinic management software and Email service set up and training.
    • Training at the Kidmunicate HQ
    • Phone support throughout set up.
    • A website
      • Optimized for local search.
      • Packed with content that will instill confidence in parents.
    • A Facebook page with content added monthly
  6. Ok you have the money and the will, now think about a location for your Kidmunicate Pediatric Speech Pathology Franchise and investigate the competition in the area.
  7. Then take a step back and ask yourself if a Kidmunicate Private Practice is the right opportunity for you, contact us via phone or this contact form.
  8. We will have a friendly chat to get to know each other and to make sure that the territory is available.
    • You can ask lots of questions.
  9. If we like each other, you will be invited to Kidmunicate Pediatric Speech Therapy in Wayne, Pa outside of Philadelphia for a discovery day and initial interview.
    • During the discovery day, the Kidmunicate Speech Pathology Franchise team will review the FDD with you carefully.
      • The 14 day disclosure period starts.
    • You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions. And you will be asked a lot of questions too because we want to make sure that you are the right kind of person to open and run a Kidmunicate Private Practice.
    • We will then discuss Kidmunicate franchise territories. You can share your plans for an office location.
  10. There will be a background check and one last final interview before both parties will make a mutual decision.
  11. If it is a good fit, Kidmunicate will send you a franchise agreement (FA – it’s a legal contract).
    • The 7 day disclosure period starts.
  12. After 7 days from receipt of the FA, the FA can be signed and the franchise fee can be paid.
  13. Kidmunicate will then execute the FA and return it to you, the new franchisee.
  14. You can celebrate then because you are a business owner and a member of the Kidmunicate team.
  15. You will receive a welcome packet and we will set up your training schedule.
  16. You will then travel with your team to Wayne, PA to train for a few days.
  17. If you decide to accept insurance, you would start the credentialing process.
    • This process can take a couple of months so you want to do it concurrently with the build out so that you are credentialed on day one or close to it.
  18. With thorough knowledge of the brand and operation guidelines from training, you will rent a location in your territory and build out a clinic to brand specifications.
    • There are not many brand requirements beyond paint and rug color, branding elements for walls and doors, therapy furniture, etc.
    • In other words, it is not like building out a McDonalds or a Great Clips.
    • Many ask “how long it takes to open a Kidmunicate Pediatric Speech Therapy Franchise?”
      • There are too many factors to answer this question.
      • I can tell you that we decided to open the Wayne PA practice in November of 2012 and we opened our doors in April of 2013.
      • We opened in six short months starting from scratch with no legal company entity established, no brand logo, no website, no processes, no support etc.).
      • If we did that, image how fast you could be up and running with our help and proven processes.
  19. When it is ready to go and the site has been approve, you can plan your grand opening.
  20. Once it opens, you will concentrate on helping kids, and we concentrate on helping you.
    • Phone support for operational questions.
    • Advertising program to build the business.

The Kidmunication Point

If you are anything like me, then you have always wanted to open up your own practice. A practice where you can do therapy the way you want to do it. A practice where you control the case load. A practice where you do one-on-one therapy that makes big difference in a child’s future. If you are anything like I was, you are a bit apprehensive about going out on your own. Well, now you can start your own practice, you will own it, but you will not be alone.